Tuesday, June 14, 2011

plant display ideas

I'm kind of obsessing over plants right now.  These are some of my favorites.......
This really cute coffee can plant holder d.i.y. idea.  Just paint saved coffee cans!  I love the colors they chose.
This cinder block plant wall has been floating around the web for a while, but I wanted to share it here as part of this grouping, because I love it so much.  Such a simple idea, but it looks so neat.
And if you haven't picked up one of these, you really should.  They are the cutest plant holders ever!!!
I'm really drawn to this plant wall display, and it may or may not be because I like the girls style.  Tutorial found here.
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite plant picture right now.  I adore how the light blue paint color & the raw wood shelving showcase the mesmerizing houseplants here.  I drool.  If you want to know more about the plant specifics, go here.
This is such a simple and beautiful plant display that anyone can do.  I love the naked window and the bare walls.
Succulents are hands down my favorite plant.  I could do an entire post about them, and I probably will.  They are the prettiest things.  What is your favorite plant?

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Jamie said...

I love succulents as well! I really want a little teacup garden of them but that cinder block wall is a close second!!