Saturday, April 30, 2011

ink blots

lesson 0- teachers pet

 If you take a peek at my sidebar, you will find a link to the new journal class I just signed up for, called ink blots.  It starts tomorrow & I'm sooo excited.  I'm so ready to start journaling again.  It's so therapeutic.  Just the very act of picking up a marker/pencil/pen/paint brush & putting it to paper makes me happy.  I bought washi tape online (for the first time ever! eep!!), ordered a few hand carved stamps (will do a separate supplies post), and got a new moleskine sketchbook.  It's nice to have a place to go to talk to other crafty girls, to get inspired, and have daily prompts.  The first assignment, "Lesson 0: Teacher's Pet", is the one you see above.  We were to journal what we hoped to get out of this class.  I think the best part about taking a class like this, if not meeting/interacting with great girls, is the positivity.  The online creative community has a way of making you feel excited about the littlest things, which is so nice in this negative world we live in.  After a rough day, we can come home & soothe the mind/spirit with colors, and happy imagery.  There are no rules & no one to please but yourself.  The nicest & most supportive group of girls live online (well part time anyway!  ;) .....and I can't wait to get messy & make something pretty with them!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh, Nutella.

nutella for dinner. all started when I asked Lilly what she wanted for breakfast for her birthday.  "Nutella pancakes?," is what I knew she would say, but then, I didn't get it.  Now I do.  I totally do.  I always assumed that I wouldn't like it.  I've had hazelnut coffee, and thought it was super disgusting, so why would I like a hazelnut spread??  I'll tell you why; because it tastes like frosting.  The kind of chocolate frosting you would expect if Jesus handed you a cupcake.  Oh.  My. God.  Well, needless to say, a jar of it always remains in the cupboard (half empty).  Even KC loves it.  If you haven't tried it yet, you should.  You can justify it as being "good for you", because it has nuts in it.  Right?  Well, the package is pretty if nothing else.  Did I mention that it tastes like chocolate frosting?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dear Spring, i Love you.

Oh Spring!

enjoying my first ever passion tea!a rare one you guys been LOVING it?!  All that snow this Winter has made such lush and floral trees this Spring.  They are absolutely gorgeous!  And the rain.......such vibrant hues & intoxicating smells.  I just adore taking walks in this lovely season, sprinkles or sunshine.  Get out and enjoy it before it gets too hot! xoxo.