Tuesday, July 12, 2011

quick & healthy quiche

Hey all.  I wanted to share a really simple quiche recipe I sort of figured out when making my own a few days ago.  Isn't that how all recipes come about.....from altering a few things here and there to make it work for what you want to do?  Mine was made with red bell peppers, carrots, & pepperjack cheese, but obviously you can throw in whatever awesome ingredients you happen to have on hand.  It's easy, and so so good.  Ours vanished in a flash! Here you go.....

Quiche me, I made quiche! 

See?  Easy as pie! ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Goodbyn Lunchbox

images found here

 Have you started to think about back to school shopping yet??  It's time to order what you'll want your little kiddos to have from the internet world now.  We just purchased 3 of these Goodbyn lunchboxes, and we're so excited!  I think these lunch boxes are great, because they eliminate the need for plastic baggies and countless tupperware containers that you can never find lids for.  The whole thing seals up with one lid.  You can just throw it in the dishwasher every evening, and it's good to go for the next day.  I love the bento type style of box (and the food doesn't have to touch!) that is portion controlled to promote healthy eating.  I also love the idea of using the water bottle most days, and saving milk for a special once in a while treat......think of the money that will be saved!  Of course I got these for the girls, but I had to get myself one too.  I can't stop thinking about the cute healthy lunch ideas that you can put together so easily with this.  You should definitely check this company out.  If anyone knows any great lunch post links, please share!!  I'll probably post lunch box peeks on here when we get them.....I'm sure it'll be way too cute not to.  Also, if you do want to get one of these lunchboxes, you should check out this post from bleubirdvintage (where the above pics came from), to get a 15% off discount code!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Traditions

I think it's super important to create (and continue ones you've already established and still love) your own family traditions.  You will be so thankful that you took the time to create fun, silly, and unique memories for you and yours to look back on for years to come!  "They grow up fast" is so cliche, but it really is true.  I can't believe I have a 10 year old that is going into 5th grade this year.....sheesh!  Sometimes I worry about making sure we do things now so that the kids will have something to look back on.  It is easy to skip something if kids are mis-behaving or money is tight or it's too hot, or whatever.  It's really all about capturing those magic moments and savoring the little things.  Sometimes traditions come without trying (it's mostly all about stuff you love doing anyway).  Here's what we do.....
our summer traditions
catching fireflies
the Devil's icebox (a local cave)
the zoo
evening ice cream trips
comic book movies
staying up late (like family sleepover nights)
watching thunderstorms
eating buckets of strawberries
a water park/ theme park
video games
reading in the air conditioning
I feel like we should have more, but that list proves that we do stuff.  What do you guys do?  I really wanna add getting sno-cones and going to the drive-in. :)  Fun stuff!