Monday, June 13, 2011

I made a blog button.

 Unless you're a true computer nerd, you're probably lost or a little rusty on what it takes to make a blog button.  I found this article to be extremely helpful.  One thing to make note of is that for some reason it's really tricky to use a picture from Flickr.  I would recommend uploading your button picture to PhotoBucket, because you can get a link to it really easy.  If you know how to copy/paste, and to resize photos, than it will be relatively simple to figure out how to make your own blog button with a code box underneath.  Give it a's really satisfying to know you can do something like this! ;)
If you want to add my button, you can grab it from this post here, or in my sidebar.  Thanks again for everyone's support.  It's exciting to see readers follow me over here!  You guys are the best.


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